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I was at the Video Games Live Montréal 2011 concert this weekend, which was also my first time there too.

It was pretty enjoyable, and I have to say that Martin Leung is pretty much a pianist god 😉 .  Nice selection of songs as well, ranging from Super Mario Medley, going through Megaman, and of course Final Fantasy.  The Chrono Trigger/Cross finale was a nice surprise too.

The biggest surprise to me was the Civilization IV song Baba Yetu, sang by the if I understood right, the original singer in a duet, no need to say that it was very moving.

Overall the show was pretty good, and Tony Tallarico did a great job in involving the public in general.

A few downsides though in my opinion is the songs from Square Enix were not accompanied by actual gameplay footage, which from what I understood is always the case, and at their demand.  Which I personally don’t get, as this is pretty easy advertisement for them, and they really need it these days.  Then again it just goes to show that Square Enix is getting old, and maybe a tad arrogant and are on their way out.

My only other disappointment is the reliance on mainstream songs, I would’ve liked at least one or two lesser known composer be featured, like Shoji Meguro of Shin Megami Tensei fame.  Nobuo Uematsu is nice and all, no doubt about that, but I dunno, more diversity would be welcome on that front, especially in recent years.

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