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April 23rd, 2011

Well,  I thought I might try to explain what is going to be the purpose of this blog in the near future, what I want it to be at least and what I will be doing with it.

First of all, the main reason I decided to start this blog is that I really want to work on a game project, a project which I have been dragging along ever since highschool pretty much, but never had much will to work any decent amount of time on it.   Mostly due to me not having much will power, and being distracted by other projects, games, and work in general.

I’m hoping that trying to keep up a dev blog will help me be focused, and find inspiration for this project.

Secondly, I also want to review the games I play and cast on my Justin.TV channel, and this comes mostly from the current state of “professional” reviewers out there, like Gametrailers, IGN, etc that to me, are beginning to lose sight of what it is to be a reviewer, as they now seem to be a lot more interested in ads revenu, and giving high score to high profile games, giving them free passes for things that they would completely destroy if it was any other series or developers.   I want to review games for what they are, not what I think they should’ve been, if that makes sense to any of you.

And last, I want to take the opportunity while reviewing games, to talk about the game design choices, concepts or anything else running under the hood of those games.  Well, how I see it since I don’t know the code behind.  Talk about how the AI seems to be designed, how some special effects were handled, that kind of stuff.

So, I hope that you, the readers will like what I intend to do here,  and if you have ideas on what I could be talking about in the future, feel free to leave comments.   Maybe I’ll have guests or friends write articles if they want to and post them here as well.

I hope you will enjoy.

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