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I know I’m a bit slow on the uptake, but better late than never,

According to a quick article on Adriasang,

Super Robot Wars OG 2nd has been delayed with Namco saying it’s to provide a product that would meet the fans satisfaction. Oddly enough, Super Robot Wars Z 2 part 2 is also rumored to have been delayed as well.

Looking at OG 2nd official site, the release date is now TBA instead of a September release. I’m not doubting Namco’s word about delivering a better product, but the fact that the publisher is also releasing Tales of Xilia in the same release window in September makes me wonder if it isn’t just so that SRW does not vampirise the sales of Xilia by being released too close to each others.

Also, just a heads up that I may finally release my Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll review later this week, if the weather isn’t so hot as my brain just melt from it 😉

I’ve been playing a lot of indie games lately, like Jamestown and Dungeons of Dredmor, that I might try to write out a few reviews of them in the following weeks.

I also need to get back into toying around with Gamemaker Pro, or even install XNA and see how this is so I can finally move forward with my own personal projects soon. But the heat…. the horrible heat.

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