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Life’s been pretty hectic over here, being stuck on a “massive” project alone, having one of the cat die on me, and the other one not far behind really drains someone badly :/

But on other news, Super Robot Taisen: 2nd Original Generation finally got a release date of November 29th, as well as a new trailer!

Also, seems we’re finally going to get a Torchlight II release date announcement this week!

After being in the dark for almost half a year, Super Robot Taisen Z2 part 2 is finally live!


Now, if only we had some news about OG 2nd for PS3 😛


Well that didn’t last long :P

November 7th, 2011

Well, looks like my retirement only lasted 6 days.

You can thank Xanadu Next getting an english translation patch over the weekend for that,  I ended up casting roughly 9 hours of it yesterday.
The game is so sweet I guess I couldn’t resist streaming it even if I got a really small number of viewers to see it.  Guess if it’s not Call of Duty, or any of those new big name games, people just don’t care anymore.

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