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I’ve been playing this game for a while now, ever since I imported it back in July.  I think I’ve probably put over 60 hours in it so far, and I’m still loving it.

Have to say I’m still pissed off at Capcom for never releasing this game over here, either on PSP or the HD edition on PS3 but at least they’re releasing Ultimate, which is pretty much Tri (which this one is based on) with more content, most probably from 3rd Portable.

As much as I love this series, I’ve never really got far into it, in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite I barely got as far as beating a Khezu.  On Tri on the wii, I barely got to the Barroth.  Yet, on MH3rd Portable HD, which is entirely in Japanese, not only do I beat the crap out of Barroth most of the time, but I finally got to beat Gigginox a few times, as well as a Rathian.  To the point where I got a full Rathian armor set!  :3

I’ve been thinking on publishing some hunting videos from time to time, as I make them.  I really wish I had a better capture card though, the videos does get a bit blurry at times.

Here’s two of them.   The first one is my first time hunting with a hammer fighting a Rangurotora, and I hated it so much, so I went by to my Longsword/Katana which I’m more efficient and used to.  I had a full Barroth armor in that hunt.

The second is one of my more recent Rathian hunt, in a full Rangurotora armor set, and a chainblade longsword 🙂

Lost Heroes has arrived

September 7th, 2012

I’ve received my Lost Heroes PSP copy yesterday, I did try to stream it out a bit using RemoteJoyLite, but the game is having some compatibility issue with it, creating massive wait time whenever there is an event or even during battle.

I tried the game without it this morning and it was completely smooth.  I’ll need to check if my PSP was overclocked or not, could be part of the problem.

Anyway, the game is an odd one.  It’s a cross-over game mixing up the Kamen Rider series, the Ultraman series, and….  the SD Gundam series.  But not only is this a cross-over game, but it’s also a dungeon crawler, it’s obviously running on the Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey/Etrian Odyssey engine.

The Battle system is standard Etrian Odyssey fare, your party can hold up to 4 characters.  You kind of start off with the Nu Gundam, one Ultraman character, and two Kamen riders.  You can get a lot more characters later on, but only four in your party.  The characters you don’t use, remain at your base camp, and can do training and other stuff (which I am unsure since everything is in Japanese, and my skills are really rusty… I’ll need to get my good old dictionary on that later). Fighting is done in a turn base combat system, you can select Attack, Skill, Defense, Item, etc.  You also receive different bonuses at the end of a fight based on how well it went.  Stuff like gaining 5% more exp for having everyone at full health, more ap, material(money), etc.

Unlike Etrian and SMT though, even though the fights are in first person, when your character attacks, 3D models of them will appear and hit the monsters themselves instead of just seeing simple attack effects.

Skills are unlocked in a treestyle using AP to unlock them up, like in Etrian Odyssey some skills requires previous skills to be at a certain level before you can unlock them.  When you use skills, you can overdrive them if your character has Drives tokens in reserve, there are gain as you fight, kind of like the Boost system in Etrian.

As I mentioned, the game is a dungeon crawler like Etrian Odyssey and SMT: Strange Journey.  I only got to the 1st dungeon floor, yet I already fought 2 or 3 boss fights.  It says I explored 50% of the floor, and when selecting the dungeon from the base camp, it said that I had a 14% completion rate of it, so I can expect the dungeon to be of decent size, and hopefully later ones being even bigger.

So far the game seems like a lot of fun and really makes me wish Namco Bandai/Banpresto would bring it over here.  Hopefully XSeed will step up on that like they did Unchained Blades, this is a game I would gladly buy a second time in english, even if they do a Digital Distribution only 😉 .  So far, I feel like this game is MUCH better than Unchained Blades though.

I’ll try to post some videos later on if I can find some that I did while streaming yesterday that doesn’t have too much of the awful delays I had due to RemoteJoy.

For people interested in importing this title remember the PSP version is Region Free, but the 3DS version isn’t

You can import both on play-asia

PSP version

3DS version

No gameplay footage, but still…. it’s a start 🙂
Can’t wait for this to come out here, hopefully Atlus does not disappoint!

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