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Is this where we will see yet again the double standard that the “professional” reviewers out there keep showing?

By this I’m talking obviously at all the near perfect score that an overly flawed game was at release got.  And by that game, I mean Diablo 3.  This gathered so many near perfect score, yet was infinitely flawed at release that this didn’t make sense.

Not only the game had a very shaky start, with most people unable to even log in to play for the first couple of days, but the game had severe balance issues that showed out right that it wasn’t tested as it should.  That at the end what we got in may, was an incomplete product.  Heck, even most reviewers admitted the flaws, yet gave scores like 9.5/10 or even 10/10, on the promise that this was Blizzard, and that they would fix it down the road.  Isn’t reviewers job to review a game in the way it was released, and not how it will eventually become later on?  If you want to do this, then do a second review when that happens, not just believe that what they will do, in hope that you are right.

Heck, blizzard even admitted times and times that Inferno was pretty much “untested” in the state it was released in.  They’re still trying to band-aid the game even now.  It’s pretty funny how not single “professional” reviewer even mentioned how dry and boring the loot was in Diablo 3 at launch, how near impossible it was to find anything remotely useful because of the way Inferno was unbalance difficulty wise.  Blizzard in 1.0.4 even removed a few elite mobs buffs like invincible minions.

Oddly enough, I’m willing to bet that somehow as amazing as Torchlight II will be, most reviewers will nitpick on stuff present in the game that was also in Diablo 3 but they let it go.  They will whine about stuff they didn’t in Diablo 3, just because runic isn’t the powerhouse that blizzard is.  Or better yet, they will blast features that is in Torchlight II, while they praised the same features in Diablo 3 somehow.

I do hope I am wrong on this, but quite frankly.  After seeing IGN give a 3.0/10  filled factual lies and errors review of Double Dragon Neon, it wouldn’t surprise me at all at this point.

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