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You know,  today’s news about Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Itawa taking the blame for the 3DS recent failure is someone quite eye opening toward the US economy’s current state and the whole upper level management of many of their corporations.

Not only Mr Iwata is taking blame, but he’s cutting his own salary in half, his co-ceos by 30% and the other executives by 20%.  I dream seeing this kind of act of goodwill happen over here in America.  But somehow doubt that this will ever happen at all.

Take Activision for example, they drove the Guitar Hero franchise into the ground with milking it to no end, and pretty much killed it.  What did Mr Kotick do?  Shut down the studio, lay off the employees, and pretty much given himself a pretty nice bonus while at it.

Pretty much the same thing happened with lots of other corporations, they begged the government money to get back on their feats, but still gave themselves fat bonuses anyhow, but firing lots of  their lower employees.  And now they wonder why their economy is in shambles?

Maybe they should look at themselves in the mirror, and take example on Nintendo in the future.

I may still be pissed at Nintendo for the whole Operation Rainfall issue

but kudos to Mr Iwata on being humble and taking the blame when needed.

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