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I’ve been playing this game for a while now, ever since I imported it back in July.  I think I’ve probably put over 60 hours in it so far, and I’m still loving it.

Have to say I’m still pissed off at Capcom for never releasing this game over here, either on PSP or the HD edition on PS3 but at least they’re releasing Ultimate, which is pretty much Tri (which this one is based on) with more content, most probably from 3rd Portable.

As much as I love this series, I’ve never really got far into it, in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite I barely got as far as beating a Khezu.  On Tri on the wii, I barely got to the Barroth.  Yet, on MH3rd Portable HD, which is entirely in Japanese, not only do I beat the crap out of Barroth most of the time, but I finally got to beat Gigginox a few times, as well as a Rathian.  To the point where I got a full Rathian armor set!  :3

I’ve been thinking on publishing some hunting videos from time to time, as I make them.  I really wish I had a better capture card though, the videos does get a bit blurry at times.

Here’s two of them.   The first one is my first time hunting with a hammer fighting a Rangurotora, and I hated it so much, so I went by to my Longsword/Katana which I’m more efficient and used to.  I had a full Barroth armor in that hunt.

The second is one of my more recent Rathian hunt, in a full Rangurotora armor set, and a chainblade longsword 🙂

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