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Professionally I am a multimedia software developer with 10 years of professional experience, with programming knowledge going over a sizable spectrum of technologies and languages.

On the personal life side, I’ve been gaming heavily pretty much as far as I can remember, probably starting at the age of 6, I’ve own most of the major consoles ever since, even some less known ones.  You could pretty much say that I eat gaming for breakfast, lunch and supper.  I’d say that my favorite game genre would be Japanese RPGs and Shmup (Vertical Shooters, Bullet Hell games).  Sandbox games are also quite enjoyable for me (Minecraft, Saint’s Row, GTA, etc)

I’ve also been a live caster on Justin.Tv for the past 3 years now where people can watch the games I play live, at

I’m also trying to learn Japanese in the sidelines whenever I have free time or feel like it, this isn’t progressing as much as I want it to be, but I still manage.  Playing imported games really help on that side.  On that side, in the past I helped a few fan translations of games, like Dragon Quest 5 for the Super Famicom, and Deep Dungeon 4 for the famicom.  Had some experience on hacking old regular Gameboy and Nintendo roms to do my own translations and also to learn a bit of assembly.  This thought me a lot about scripted dialogs, and control codes in them used  in many games.


December 2022

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